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Batman: The Movie

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105 Minutes


Batman (Adam West) and Robin (Burt Ward) must launch a rescue mission when they get a tip that Commodore Schmidlapp (Reginald Denny) is in danger aboard his yacht. But the tip is a set-up by four of the most powerful villains ever, who seek to defeat the dynamic duo once and for all! Armed with a dehydrator that can turn humans into dust, the fearsome foursome intends to take over the world! Can the Caped Crusaders use their high-flying heroism and groovy gadgetry to declaw Catwoman (Lee Meriwether), ice the Penguin (Burgess Meredith), upstage the Joker (Cesar Romero), and stump the Riddler (Frank Gorshin) in time?


Adam West
Alan Napier
Arthur Tovey
Burgess Meredith
Burt Ward
Cesar Romero
Dick Crockett
Frank Gorshin
George Sawaya
Gil Perkins
Jack Lalanne
Lee Meriwether
Madge Blake
Milton Frome
Neil Hamilton
Reginald Denny
Stafford Repp
Van Williams



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