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83 Minutes


Los Angeles, 2006. Life is Easy 2.0 for James Pongo (Morgan Krantz). He has a cushy job, a busy social life and an alluring love interest all through the click of a mouse. But when he wakes up after a night of reckless partying to discover that his computer is missing, James' hyper-connected reality takes a nosedive. This sends him on a picaresque journey of interrogations and humiliations with the suburban losers he left behind. Told entirely through the websites, programs, games and social networks that make up our daily lives, 0s & 1s uses James Pongo's nihilistic adventure to question our growing dependency on these alternate digital realities.


Ahna O'Reilly
Alexi Wasser
Jeremy Blackman
Mara Lafontaine
Matthew Cardarople
Morgan Krantz
Ryan Reyes
Sara Swain



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